I would like to personally introduce and welcome you to 1300 Smoke Alarms and the services we have been offering clients since 2010.

We are committed to promoting the highest standards of business conduct with unquestioned honesty and integrity. We provide all our customers with a commitment to provide full compliance with all applicable laws, regulations, codes and standards.

We recognise the importance of Customer Service and this is why we have maintained a large number of clients who have been with us since our inception.

Applying Real Estate business knowledge accumulated from more than 30 years of combined experience, based on the latest technologies, 1300 Smoke Alarms delivers a comprehensive range of fully integrated solutions that will benefit all Real Estate Companies and Landlords.

We invest heavily in training our staff, electricians, and technicians to provide you with the most up-to-date practices available. Our teams are fully equipped with stocked vehicles, with modern testing and fault analysis equipment as well as other tools necessary to ensure compliance is achieved in the shortest possible time.

1300 Smoke Alarms have an extremely dedicated team of professionals who are committed to provide the best possible outcome to all our clients.

Your Protection is our Priority.

Ian Roche


Our Features


Rapid Response

We understand how important attending a beeping smoke alarm is prior to the start of a tenancy. We provide a fast turnaround service and same day response if required.


Annual Reminders

To ensure complete protection year on year we remind you of your yearly annual inspection plus reminders to tenants via email and SMS of our attendance.


Real Time Reporting

Our Field Technicians complete all inspections on devices. This information is sent instantly to our portal for download. No more messy paperwork ever again!


Photo Evidence

We take photos of all Smoke Alarms and Safety Switches and include them on all reports. At last no more disputes ever and proof of our attendance.


Invoice Barcoding

Save inputting time with our universal barcoding feature. Located on top right of invoice, your staff no longer need to manually input invoices ever again.


Agent Portal

Our portal provides online access 24 hours a day. View your compliance rating and job status at a glance. We also integrate with your software. We save you time!



Compliance is now VISUAL

1300 Smoke Alarm Online Portal lets you automate, control, and monitor Smoke Alarm Compliance like never before! Our centralized cloud-based system offers unparalleled real-time insight about all your property’s compliance activity. Minimize risk of loss by eliminating the unknown. Start tracking every property in real-time and instantly gain your agency compliance rating today! Say goodbye to the old way to manage Smoke Alarm Compliance and introduce 1300 Online Portal to your agency. We know you will love it and best of all it’s FREE!


At 1300 Smoke Alarms we know how important minimising insurance risk is to you and your owners. That’s why on every inspection we take photographs of all smoke alarms and expiry dates and include them in our online portal plus on compliance reports. THERE WILL NEVER BE ANY MORE DIPSPUTES! If your current provider is not taking photographs as evidence in the event of a fire, then you need to speak with us today! We know your owners will love our included photographs and best of all they are FREE!


Trusted by Property Managers and Landlords since 2010.