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Smoke Alarms in Rental Properties

From 1 May 2016 ALL smoke alarms in rental properties are required by law to be either mains powered or have a 10 year non-removable battery.

The tenant and the property owner share responsibility to ensure alarms work.

Property Owner Responsibilities

  • Install either mains powered or 10 year non-removable battery alarms.
  • Clean, test and ensure all alarms are operating prior to new occupancy.
  • Replace back up batteries in mains powered smoke alarms.
  • Replace alarms every 10 years.

Tenant Responsibilities

  • Test and clean alarms.
  • Report faults to owner/manager.
  • Notify owner/manager of any fire safety concerns.

For further advice: www.consumer.tas.gov.au/renting/smoke_alarms


Generally, in a rental property a smoke alarm must be installed in every hallway near a bedroom and on each level of a multistorey home. These are minimum requirements and owners are encouraged to install additional smoke alarms to increase the level of early warning for tenants in the event of a fire.


Fire Services strongly recommend placing a smoke alarm in each sleeping area (bedroom), hallway, living area and at the top of stairways.


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