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Our Services


Smoke Alarms

Installation and annual servicing to ensure compliance with legislation/s.


Safety Switches

Annual servicing to ensure switch is present and working.


Corded Windows

Protect the safety of youg children by securing and labeling blind cords to ACCC standards.



Compliance is now VISUALNow with PHOTOGRAPHS!

1300 Smoke Alarm Online Portal lets you automate, control, and monitor Smoke Alarm Compliance like never before! Our centralized cloud-based system offers unparalleled real-time insight about all your property’s compliance activity. Minimize risk of loss by eliminating the unknown. Start tracking every property in real-time and instantly gain your agency compliance rating today! Say goodbye to the old way to manage Smoke Alarm Compliance and introduce 1300 Online Portal to your agency. We know you will love it and best of all it’s FREE!

Our Features

Rapid Response0

Rapid Response

We understand how important attending a beeping smoke alarm is prior to the start of a tenancy. We provide a fast turnaround service and same day response if required.

Annual Reminders0

Annual Reminders

To ensure complete protection year on year we remind you of your yearly annual inspection plus reminders to tenants via email and SMS of our attendance.

Real Time Reporting0

Real Time Reporting

Our Field Technicians complete all inspections on devices. This information is sent instantly to our portal for download. No more messy paperwork ever again!

Photo Evidence0

Photo Evidence

We take photos of all Smoke Alarms and Safety Switches and include them on all reports. At last no more disputes ever and proof of our attendance.

Invoice Barcoding0

Invoice Barcoding

Save inputting time with our universal barcoding feature. Located on top right of invoice, your staff no longer need to manually input invoices ever again.

Agent Portal0

Agent Portal

Our portal provides online access 24 hours a day. View your compliance rating and job status at a glance. We also integrate with your software. We save you time!