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QLD 2022 Legislation

Did you know that all properties that are leased or sold in Queensland must contain smoke alarms that meet new guidelines by 1 January 2022? 

Watch the video to see how the legislation effects you.

Owners must ensure that smoke alarms are:

  • Photoelectric,
  • Hard-wired or have a non-removable 10-year lithium battery,
  • Interconnected via a wire or radio frequency, and
  • Installed in every bedroom, hallway and on every leve.

We can assist you in meeting this important deadline.

QLD 2022 Legislation – Get the facts

What if I am a Landlord?

  • From 1 January 2022, you are required by law to install and maintain smoke alarms in your rental property in Queenland.
  • You must test and clean each smoke alarm within 30 days before the start of a tenancy agreement.
  • Smoke alarms must be installed on each storey – in each bedroom; and in hallways which connect bedrooms and the rest of the dwelling; or if there is no hallway, between the bedrooms and other parts of the storey; and if there are no bedrooms on a storey at least one smoke alarm must be installed in the most likely path of travel to exit the dwelling.

What if I am a Tenant?

  • Your landlord is required to test and clean smoke alarms within 30 days prior to the start of a new tenancy or when a tenancy is renewed.
  • You are required by law to test and clean each smoke alarm in the dwelling at least once every 12 months.

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25th March 2020

Firstly, we are still open!

As you are aware, stage two government restrictions come into effect midnight 24th March 2020, however 1300 Smoke Alarms is operational and providing essential Smoke Alarm Safety Services for tenants, landlords and real estate agents during this COVID-19 outbreak.

At present, we are experiencing a high volume of urgent work orders and due to access issues into properties, there maybe slight delays in our attendance. Please be assured we are doing our very best during these unprecedented times.

Important Updates

We take the safety of your tenants, your staff and our technicians very seriously and have adopted the following processes to ensure our inspections continue:

  • Our technicians carry masks, gloves and hand sanitiser and follow responsible cleaning and hygiene measures before and after inspections.
  • Before entering a property we will ask all tenants to make sure they are happy for us to enter their property when they are home.
  • Our technicians adhere to all social distancing policies advised by the Government.
  • We offer tenants the option to step outside while the inspection is taking place if this makes them feel more comfortable.
  • If you are aware of any tenants self-isolating or showing symptoms please let us know.
  • If key collections change or your business operating hours change or you close please let us know.
  • If you can inform your tenants that our service is essential during these times and if they can allow us reasonable access as required by legislation.

We will send regular updates to ensure you are informed of any changes. For more information contact 1300 766 532 or email info@1300smokealarms.com.au

We trust that we have your understanding and patience at this time to ensure we can continue our inspections to make all properties safe.


Ian Roche
1300 Smoke Alarms